“Pencil Sketches” from the Spanish Civil War


My thanks to Stuart Walsh for this photograph taken from. an issue of Left Review from 1936. It’s a rich source of information and brings the details of the posthumous exhibition to light, together with the fundraising element for medical aid to Spain.

In conversation with Professor Tom Buchanan. I’ve learned that the  date of Felicia’s death in Spain is more likely to have been 22nd of August 1936, but that confusion surrounded this due to later reporting of it. We have to remember the chaos of this moment to grasp how the exact date and even the precise location of her death have been hard to determine.

Needless to say these two sketches are superb and add to our sense of the lives of ordinary people, which she witnessed at the outbreak of civil war in Spain.

The article says that these are pencil sketches, but the medium may be graphite stick or charcoal. Felicia’s use of the flat of her instrument (along with the point) is extensive and may indicate the use of a stick above that of a pencil.

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